Volumetric Concrete Suppliers in Glasgow

Advantages of Volumetric Concrete Mixers?

The advantage of volumetric concrete mixers is that nothing is mixed until on site instructions are received. The traditional ‘drum’ mixer requires an advanced exact amount order of premixed concrete, often resulting in waste and unexpected costs. For more information about concrete supply in Glasgow call us today.

Our volumetric trucks are loaded with materials prior to leaving our yard and only mix the concrete when on site and specifications are agreed. Our on board product counter allows you to ascertain how much concrete you have used. Therefore you are only charged for what you actually use. Over or under ordering no longer becomes an issue.

Volumetric Mixers & when to use

Our volumetric concrete mixers can be used as a concrete mixer for continuous pours, or travel to site with unlimited distances with the raw materials before mixing on-site to your exact specifications.

This allows for multiple drops of varying mixes at multiple on or off site locations and allows greater flexibility. Furthermore the volumetric system allows us to add extras to the mix on request such as Polypropolene Fibres, AEA and Super Plas.

If our truck can access an area then distances to pour and travel times become a thing of the past and further enhances the benefits of mixing on site. Additionally if you discover that you have ordered the wrong mix by mistake or indeed your client changes the specification, the mix can be adjusted on site. Often a client will under or over order their ready mix concrete requirement, again this is easily rectified on site. Should there be an over order situation there is no need to dump the excess on site thus providing a more environmentally friendly concrete supply service.

DPMG volumetric mixers excel at small to medium level work where the part load fee’s of the traditional concrete ‘drum’ mixers have been historically prohibitive. Our ever expanding client base have willingly partaken in the benefits offered by using our volumetric concrete mixers.

Volumetric concrete mixing trucks carry the materials unmixed, acting as an onsite batching plant although mobile with loads more flexibility on site. Our operator uses the calibrated electronic control system to control the input of aggregate, cement and water for the exact required mix. The method of operation means that volumetric concrete trucks are classed as plants and not as an HGV therefore allowing further flexibility.